Our Value

The United Way of Anderson County provides tremendous value to agencies, donors, and the community by focusing resources on the most significant community needs and root causes. We empower agencies to produce outcomes that transform our community by leveraging the knowledge, skills and experience of our agency staff.

Agencies Receive:

Direct funding of programs addressing community needs

Valuable training and technical support

Network of partners who collaborate to transform the community

Community assessment data that informs and identifies the need

Time and talent to empower efforts

Oversight and assistance

Volunteer hub

Donors can be assured that:

Agencies will deliver the results they promise

Programs are monitored

Resources are used wisely and effectively

Resources are granted to agencies that have the biggest impact in community needs focus areas

Community benefits from:

Data-driven focus in three broad areas of need

Outcomes-oriented effort

Empowered agencies

Needs across the counties being addressed

Administrative expenses are minimized so donated funds are maximized

Our Financials

Transparency is important to us!  View our most recent IRS 990 form and Audit through the links below.

United Way of Anderson County 2017 Form 990

United Way of Anderson County 2017 Audit Report