Last Tuesday, we were thrilled to host over one hundred and eighty women at our third annual Leading Ladies Luncheon—it was our biggest turnout yet! We are thankful to be connecting with each of those amazing women, who lead our community in so many ways.

We are especially grateful to our table hosts for making the event such a success. One more shoutout to these ladies is definitely in order:

Nikki Adkisson

Naomi Asher

Charlee Bailey

Tracy Boatner

Natalie Erb

Ashley Hartman

Anita Hazlewood

Jennifer Lawson

Kathy Martin

Ruby Miller & Laura Lynn Riden

Susanna Navarro

Ryan Overton

Sarah Roberts

Carol Smallridge

Anne Smith

Amy Wilson

Janet Wood

Also, special thanks to Navarro Research and Engineering, who generously let us use their space for the luncheon.

Our Keynote speaker, Tracy Vlahos, came all the way out from Arizona to be with us. She is a successful marketing and sales executive, business owner, nationally recognized speaker, and passionate advocate of women.

Tracy inspired us to take life by the reigns through embracing self care, learning to say no, maintaining an attitude of appreciation, and seeking work-life harmony. She spoke a lot about the value of time, and so the fact that she chose to use her time supporting United Way of Anderson County speaks volumes. Again, we couldn’t be more excited about the all the incredible people who are choosing to stand with us!

Our third Leading Ladies Luncheon has set the tone for a great year in the Leading Ladies United program. We’re already busy planning workshops, networking events, and other great opportunities for the Leading Ladies United community.

The impact of Leading Ladies United is growing every day, and we can’t wait to see all the ways it grows and continues to unite women in the future.

By Sarah Pearce