2019 Annual Report

Some highlights from 2018! (Click to enlarge.)

I’m pleased to report a successful year for the UWAC and our many partner agencies, each of whom plays a critical role in our community. The word community makes me smile a bit as I write it. The world seems to be living in Chronos time, with attitudes of self-protection, self-interest, and fear. But maybe this environment calls us to Kairos time. Kairos means the right, critical, or opportune moment. Maybe pulling the fragile to safety, opening a door, or just being present for someone is not a lost art. It’s so gratifying to live in Anderson County, where so many live in the Kairos. As a result, the UWAC has been blessed with resources to support the community.

We have continued to flesh out our 3-year grant cycle, now entering its second orbit. We were able to offer discretionary grants for the second year. We have seen significant expansion in training, information sharing, and collaboration with – and among – our partner agencies and the community at large. We have been successful in keeping our costs low and our overhead in single digits. Our board continues to refresh itself with the best and brightest of the community, each with hearts and minds focused on the good work. We seek first to hold ourselves accountable to the generous givers of the area and to ensure measurable results. I humbly thank you for your trust and commitment.

-Mark McClure, Board President

United Way of Anderson County is fortunate to have dedicated volunteers willing to review requests for grant funding.  In February 2019, we had a total of 37 volunteers who served on panels to review the December 2018 grant requests. These dedicated volunteers spent time visiting agencies and reviewing proposals to make recommendations regarding funding.  With the 3 year cycle in place, the 2018 applications had a focus on youth development.

With the year 2 and 3 grants already in process, UWAC will provide funds to a total of 37 agencies that focus on self-sufficiency, youth development and senior & health services.

Our amazing volunteers were passionate and diligent about allocating funds responsibly and effectively, while the agencies continued to demonstrate their immense value in Anderson County. We owe both the volunteers and the agencies huge thanks today and every day for jobs well done.

We all have much to be proud of. Together we are making a difference and making it matter.  Everyone in the community benefits from the hard work of our agencies and the stewardship of United Way of Anderson County.

-Heidi Timmerman, VP of Fund Distribution

Once again your United Way came through for Anderson and Campbell Counties in a big way!  In 2018, we were able to provide $784,790 to our agency partners and $68,249 in discretionary grants. The response to these grants has been tremendous and we are grateful for your generosity which has enabled us to provide these additional funds. We also continued to invest in long-term stability via a $50,000 contribution to the East Tennessee Foundation Endowment Fund. The purpose of our endowment is to provide a permanent and stable source of income for our community and United Way during difficult economic times, and we are excited to begin building this investment in our futures.

These financial accomplishments were helped by keeping expenses $64,302 under budget and administrative and overhead at only 9.54% of total expenses. The Finance Committee spent time reviewing and refining cash management practices and cash forecasting methods so that we were able to reduce the amount of idle cash reserves and draw down our balances by 26% from 2017. We were also able to maintain a healthy year-end cash-balance of $417,644, ensuring stability for our agency partners as we look ahead to 2019.

However, there is still much work to be done. In 2018, we fell short of our campaign goal by $258,659, or 22.2%. This is a clear call to action that we must do more as United Way volunteers and donors to improve lives in Anderson County.

-Dustin Millaway, Board Treasurer

2019 Anderson County Agency Funding

Aid to Distressed Families of Appalachian Counties – $500.00
Agency Signage

ASAP of Anderson County – $1,415.00
Student advocacy 

Blossom Center for Childhood Excellence – $3,127.99
New windows for Center building

Boys & Girls Club of North Anderson County – $2,654.00
Chromebooks for expanded middle school program

Community Mediation Services – $2,000.00
Pilot program to address middle school truancy

Ecumenical Storehouse Inc. – $3,050.00
Bed frames and pillows

Emory Valley Center – $2,990.00
Workforce development curriculum

Epilepsy Foundation of East Tennessee – $2,200.00
Client helmets 

Helen Ross McNabb Center – $5,000.00
Elementary mental health program

Keystone Adult Day Center – $929.00
Physical activity program for residents

TOTAL FUNDING: $23,865.00