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Thank You, Charlie

Early this month, amidst the chaos and hustle of changes in staff and the ramp up for this year’s campaign, we received some surprising and exciting news: United Way of Anderson County had been named as a beneficiary of a trust, and would be receiving a generous donation from the late Charles Klabunde.

This Time of Year

This time of year we get a lot of calls from families desperately in need of help - help to keep their lights on, to see a doctor, to feed their children, to find a place to say, or to find a way for Santa to visit their children. Just yesterday we received a call from a man who sounded hopeless, defeated, and unsure of where to turn. John, a father of three needed help for his family - as we usually do...

The Science of Giving

Donating to charity is a selfless act. You offer something of your own--money, clothes, food, time--without expecting anything in payment or return. As such, we rarely consider the benefits giving has for us as the givers. However, research on altruism has revealed some surprising insights: the very act of giving makes the giver happy.

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